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  Zuelke Financial Expert™
Created in collaboration with financial expert Mr. Paul Zuelke and his team at Zuelke & Associates, the Zuelke Financial Expert was designed specifically for the Dolphin Management system and is a useful add-on module for every practice. Used in conjunction with Dolphin Management, Zuelke Financial Expert helps you efficiently manage financial delinquencies, payment promises and account collection, and allows a greater insight to your practice performances and statistics.

The Zuelke Financial Expert consists of two primary components: Zuelke Account Manager and Zuelke Practice Investigator.

Zuelke Account Manager

  • Finding Delinquent accounts using exact days, range of days or more than searches
  • Setting up and working with Promise-to-Pays (commitments by the responsible party to make a payment on a delinquent account by a specific date)
  • Setting up and working with follow ups
  • Detailed account collection activities a tracked in the Collection History for accounts.

Zuelke Practice Investigator
is designed to uncover unique, odd or different account situations that require review. There are 14 specific situations that the Practice Investigator can bring to your attention.

Reporting Changes:

The Zuelke Financial Expert also add these New Reports:
  • Zuelke Practice Monitor
  • Case Start Tracking Form A
  • Case Start Tracking Form B & C
  • Patient Delinquency Report
  • Insurance Delinquency Report sorted by patient
  • Insurance Delinquency Report sorted by insurance
  • Treatment Starts by Location
  • Treatment Starts by Orthodontist
  • Monthly New Patient Exam report
  • Billing parties without Late Fees
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