Welcome to the Dolphin Service Club!
The Dolphin Service Club offers you all the unlimited technical support and customer service you’ve been accustomed to all these years—plus a whole lot more! If you are already current on your support contract, you are automatically enrolled into the Dolphin Service Club. Your next step is to create your Dolphin Service Club account, accessible via your AnywhereDolphin account.

What? You don’t have an AnywhereDolphin account? Visit here to get started.

If you already have an existing AnywhereDolphin account, visit here to create your Dolphin Service Club account.

If you have an existing AnywhereDolphin account, but want to keep it separate from your Dolphin Service Club account, visit here.

As a member of the Dolphin Service Club you can be assured your Dolphin system will always be current and compatible with complementary technologies in your office. If you’re not on a current Support Contract, we want to introduce you to 15 great reasons to renew!

15 Great Benefits of the Dolphin Service Club

1. Stay current on Dolphin software updates.
Dolphin Imaging and Management software products manage the efficiency of your practice. With continuous enhancements and updates, Service Club members have the peace of mind to know they are always running the most current versions of their Dolphin software.

2. Low monthly payments!
No need to pay the annual fee in one lump sum! (U.S. & Canada only)

3. Unlimited Phone Support.
Our certified support techs are standing by to answer your questions from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. They also respond to off-hours emergency calls. Non-Service Club members pay $5 per minute with a minimum of 1 hour. 800.548.7241 (U.S. & Canada) +1.818.435.1368 (International)

4. Live and Archived Webinars.
Dolphin Service Club members will now have exclusive access to our live and archived webinars. Enjoy a variety of sessions on specific programs, features and functions, including “Webinar Tidbits” on specific products. “Tidbits” are quick webinar sessions for users who don’t need an in-depth session. All webinars are conducted by a certified Dolphin trainer or special industry expert guest presenter, and then archived for your convenience. Visit for details.

5. Online archived FAQs.
Visit here for a direct link to our FAQ page, where you can view a Dolphin-dedicated list of most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, chances are it will appear soon. Or, go ahead and send in your question to

6. Live Chat.
This user-friendly means of communicating connects you directly with a support representative via instant messaging technology. Access the same personal, competent support staff in an instant message! The service is available 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT. To try it out, visit, click on the Live Chat icon on the top right.

7. Email support.
Our expert staff is checking its inbox for your technical questions! Email us at A technician will respond as soon as possible.

8. Dolphin Update Service.
Our Dolphin Update Service (DUS) makes it quick and simple to keep your system current. When an update is released, your get a notification on your desktop so you can download when it is convenient. For details and to enroll, visit

9. Request software updates directly from your Dolphin Service Club Account!
. Log into your account and view the status of your various workstations vs the latest available update, then request the updates you want.

10. Receive exciting new features such as Super Questionnaire, Standalone Viewer, 2D Movie Morph, and more.
Dolphin developers are always adding nifty features and useful tools to the products you already own. These are all FREE to Service Club members.




11. Access your Dolphin Service Club account through
Enjoy unlimited record sharing with patients and referrals via Check status of your Dolphin account; request staff/info changes; view support call logs; adjust payment preferences, renew Service Club membership, and more!



12. New Aquarium content delivered automatically every two months!
Your Aquarium program grows consistently as new content and software features are added. This happens automatically—you don’t need to do anything but click “OK.” *Aquarium must be purchased separately.
*Aquarium must be purchased separately

13. Eligibility to purchase Dolphin Mobile.
The eligibility to purchase Dolphin Mobile is an exclusive perk available only to Service Club members. Use Dolphin Mobile to access to your Dolphin database from anywhere in the world that has Internet. It supports Aquarium and the new Super Questionnaire! Runs on any iPhone®, iPad™ or iPod touch®.

14. Exclusive members-only offers and discounts!
Watch your email for announcements throughout the year

15. Compatibility with the most current operating systems on the market.
As you upgrade other systems in your office, older Dolphin software may not support these newer operating systems. As a Service Club member, you can be assured that your Dolphin system will always be compatible with the rest of your practice.