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Designed in collaboration with Dr. Ron Roncone, world-renown clinician and educator, the Dolphin Roncone Modules integrate seamlessly with Dolphin Management to optimize your daily practice workflow. Powerful tools include Dr. Roncone’s signature Practice Monitor, Doctor Time scheduling, Procedure Timings Report, exam questionnaire and letters, presentation templates, treatment card templates and a comprehensive Diagnostic Check List.

Dolphin is the primary software system used in Dr. Roncone’s practice. Working closely with Dr. Roncone and his staff, we created the Dolphin Management Roncone Modules, designed to conform to Dr. Roncone’s unique practice management techniques. His theories and philosophies of a JSOP® (Just Short of Perfect) practice were proven utilizing the Roncone Modules in his highly efficient practice.

Roncone Practice Monitor: Daily report of key practice metrics. This daily monitor allows you to look at those areas of your practice that affect you the most. In the past, you would have to “pull” reports from multiple areas within your software to get the numbers you need to analyze. The Roncone Practice Monitor eliminates this. With the click of a button you can now have a report that gives you the ability to see where your production is for the month, the year, as well as projected production. You can alleviate potential cash flow problems because you know your status regarding production, collections and receivables. This monitor is a key tool in helping you achieve a JSOP practice.

Roncone Procedure Timings Report: Detailed tracking of chairside timing and orthodontic assistant performance. This report is used to determine the amount of time that each assistant spends on each procedure that is performed in your office. This information is used during Dr. Roncone’s JSOP training days. Each procedure and assistant is analyzed to determine what areas require more training. A ranking system is also given and bonuses or rewards can be granted based on actual performance.

Dr. Roncone’s initial exam questionnaire and PowerPoint presentation template: Countless hours have been spent in creating this questionnaire and presentation. Just as a pilot uses a takeoff checklist, you too should be thorough in your new patient exam. Not only is this an invaluable tool in diagnosis, but it is also an educational experience for the patient. After the exam, a PowerPoint presentation is shared based on your clinical findings. This PowerPoint is specific to each patient and uses their photos whenever appropriate. It also shows examples of cases similar to theirs by using morphed videos of Dr. Roncone’s actual patients. Give each new patient a copy of this PowerPoint as a way of sharing “tangible” treatment information with spouses or others. This is also a terrific marketing tool to differentiate your office from your competitors.

Dr. Roncone’s initial exam letter set for the patient, parent and referring doctor: One of the key factors in a successful orthodontic practice is communication. Send each patient an initial exam letter tailored with your clinical findings. Use simple, non-clinical language so they understand your findings and treatment options. Give this same letter to the referring doctor using clinical terms. Because this letter is tied to the exam, there are no additional steps needed in generating a clinical and patient/parent letter. It’s that easy!

Dr. Roncone’s chairside treatment card templates: Orthodontics, TMD: Specific areas for each type of treatment. Many “drop downs” to eliminate misspellings and wrong abbreviations among various staff members. All entries are detailed and specific.

Dr. Roncone’s Diagnostic Check List: for a more thorough exam and clinical check up: Once diagnostic records are taken, this checklist helps to analyze the findings in an organized, systematic way. The ability to have systems in place is one of the building blocks of the JSOP practice. Part of the objective in the JSOP course is to help you simplify and organize your practice. This is a great example of using systems to create a more efficient and productive practice.

Dr. Roncone’s Treatment Plan Checklist: The treatment plan checklist is a tool Dr. Roncone uses in his treatment planning. This checklist is a systematic way of using a check-off list to decide on brackets and their placement, wire sequencing, problem lists, etc. It also addresses any prerequisites needed prior to orthodontics such as perio, extractions, cusp tip or incisal edge bonding, etc.

Doctor Time scheduling: adjust doctor time as needed directly from Treatment Card: The schedule is the heartbeat of your practice. Your schedule should be specific to you, your assistants, your patients and your preferences. Not only does this schedule allow you to precisely plan your work day, but it also allows you to change parameters “on the fly.” No other scheduling program does this.

Broken Bracket Report: This report gives you the ability to see what brackets are frequently broken, on what tooth, and which type of bracket. This is another way in which the Roncone Modules help create an efficient office by reducing the number of emergencies throughout the day.

Post Diagnostic Patient Letter: This is a comprehensive letter given to the patient after diagnostic records are taken. This letter combines all information gathered on the patient and explains the findings and treatment recommendations. This is another tool used to ensure the patient understands treatment, serving as both an education and communication tool.

Practice Monitor

Procedure Timings Report

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Procedure Timings Report

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Treatment Card Templates

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Diagnostic Check List

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Treatment Plan Checklist

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Doctor Time scheduling