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  Dolphin Imaging software is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device.  
Effortlessly manage patient picture and x-ray images. ImagingPlus™is the foundation of Dolphin product suites. Carefully designed for quick learning, ImagingPlus lets you effectively capture, organize and present image records. It also includes a set of powerful and user-friendly tools for conveying treatment plans and to easily communicate ideas.
One-click Capture
  • Snap your photos in sequence and Dolphin will automatically organize the images into a standard layout, such as composite of extraoral, intraoral and occlusal photos
  • Preview, crop, rotate, enhance and align photos in one single screen
  • Enhancements include brightness, contrast, gamma. hue, saturation, and red eye reduction
  • Drag and drop images from your file folders into Dolphin
  • Too busy to adjust the images? You can do it later using the Crop-later feature
  • Option to automatically preserve the original, un-retouched images

Importing of x-rays, slides and other images
  • Supports TWAIN-compliant input devices and is compatible with industry-standard image formats
  • Optional x-ray integration software lets you automatically import digital x-ray images.

Orthodontic, Dental and Surgical Preview (optional)
  • Quickly re-contours the patientís profile, such as the lower jaw, to show possible treatment outcome by clicking and dragging your mouse
  • Simulates frontal views: maxillary impaction, mandibular reduction, etc.
  • Lets you completely refine your results with detailed drawing tools, blend brush and more
  • Overlay images from a library of finished cases or teeth with a variety of appliances
  • Demonstrate how the patient might look with braces on, with straight teeth, or after a bleaching procedure

Movie Morphing
  • Movie Morphing feature lets you demonstrate the transformation from pretreatment to simulated or actual post-treatment results

Slide Presentation
  • Slide show presentation of stored images in different formats and layouts

Dolphin Premium (optional)
  • Powerful Patient Database. Completely secure, industry-strength relational database (Microsoft SQL)
  • Quickly search/sort the entire patient database using name, age, gender and norm. Other criteria: address, number, referring doctor, treating doctor, treatment diagnosis, etc. Even search based on cephalometric measurements (when used), like incisor overjet, mandibular plane angle, etc.
  • Prerequisite to many other premium Dolphin products:, 3D, Letter System, Aquarium, Dolphin Management, Dolphin Mobile, etc.


  • Print any image (such as panoramic x-ray) in 1:1 life size with simple calibration
  • Display ceph tracings created by Dolphin Imaging
  • Easily transfer images and layouts to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and other programs
  • Compare images side-by-side
  • Export to many image file formats, copy images to Windows Clipboard
  • Email images to referrals
  • DICOM support (optional)

One-click capture


Patient demonstration

Patient lookup

Patient lookup
Dolphin Imaging software is designed for use by specialized dental practices for capturing, storing and presenting patient images and assisting in treatment planning and case diagnosis. Results produced by the software’s diagnostic and treatment planning tools are dependent on the interpretation of trained and licensed practitioners.
What's New
Imaging 11.8
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