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The Dolphin Mobile app lets you easily and securely access your Dolphin system from any iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and most Android™ devices* via the Internet. It directly connects to your server, allowing you to access live practice data, as it happens. In real time. No matter where you are in the world. In addition, all data is automatically synchronized and encrypted.

Access all of your patient images such as panoramic x-rays, saved photo records, and processed 3D images. Examine treatment card entries, scheduling details, referring doctor statistics, patient appointment history and account balance information. Dolphin Mobile utilizes a special Passcode feature that allows you quick access to your Dolphin database using your existing name and password. Browsing history is recorded so you may easily retrieve recently accessed records.

It works with WiFi and mobile phone networks.

*Android apps available on Google Play

  How does it work?
Dolphin Mobile is a mobile device application which allows read only access to key information from Dolphin Imaging and Management, including patient demographics and images, appointment history and scheduling, treatment card, as well as financials. It also allows access to Doctor Information with associated statistics and info.
  How will I be able to interact with my Dolphin data?
You can examine key Dolphin Management information, including patient information, treatment card entries, your daily schedules, account information, even referring doctor information. Easily zoom in and re-orient images to evaluate 2D and 3D images such as panoramic x-rays, saved photo records—even processed 3D images. All via a direct connection to your system so it is “real time” information.
  How is this going to make my life better than ever?
From any iPhone or iPad (and iPod touch with broadband access) device, you’ll have fingertip access to patient, treatment, scheduling and referrals. Dolphin Mobile is being designed especially for the iPhone platform and thus will take advantage of the simple, easy-to-use interface and features that iPhone users love.
  What if I don’t have an iPhone , iPad, iPod touch or Android? Can I still use Dolphin Mobile?
Not just yet; but, soon! The core underlying technology for Dolphin Mobile (we call it “Ocean™”) is platform independent (i.e. not just for iPhones), which means that Dolphin Mobile will soon run on Web-enabled Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other smart phones. Keep checking back with us!
  What people are saying about Dolphin Mobile  
  “The new Dolphin Mobile application is outstanding. Following are just a few instances where I have found it to be very useful: I was having lunch with a referring doctor and he wanted to discuss a case; I pulled out my I-phone and voilà, all the images were instantly available. Another example was when I needed to check on some patients I had previously started that day. I pulled up my schedule, looked up the patients and their phone numbers, and called them on the spot. This saved me from going back to the office and/or having to locate my call sheet. One last example was less clinical, but still very cool: I met a patient at a restaurant that I had recently debanded. He was with his wife, whom I had also treated years earlier but couldn't remember her name. I looked up his record on my iPhone, and was able to go over and address both of them personally. The Dolphin Mobile application is cool, very cool!”
  – Dr. Joe Gibson Jr., Morristown, TN

  “The Dolphin Mobile application keeps me plugged into my practice 24/7. I review my next day with it. I show patient records to parents waiting out in the lobby. When we take doctors to lunch, we discuss cases with it and show referring docs recently finished cases of their patients. After-hours phone calls from patients are a snap because I can call up their info wherever I am—no need to find a computer and call them back. The list goes on and on. Thanks for your hard work!”
  – Dr. Joel Brodsky, Lakewood, CA

  “I just installed Dolphin Mobile on my iPhone today. I was able to show images of treatment-in-progress patients to 3 referring doctors, they were astounded, and now they can't wait until I install it on my iPad. What an amazing way to be the most advanced orthodontic office around. Thanks Dolphin Team!”
  – Dr. Anil Idiculla, Denver, CO
  “Running a busy orthodontic practice just got so much easier!!! I love this application as I and my staff are able to access EVERYTHING about our office from anywhere. Patient records, images, treatment card entries, schedules, financials... all quick and easy from the convenience of an iPhone. This application has rounded out the Dolphin suite of practice management/imaging software. I couldn't be happier!”
  – Dr. John Graham, Litchfield Park, AZ