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  Charlene White's SOS
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Front Desk Scripting

Practice Management Scorecard

Deband Analysis

Recall Effectiveness
Make Charlene a part of your staff!
Dolphin Management has plugged into acclaimed consultant Charlene White's valuable expertise to create this Dolphin Legend Series module. Its unique set of features brings Charlene’s expertise right into your practice:
  • Built-in tools compare your practice, deband and recall numbers to Charlene’s benchmarks, then offers suggestions for improvement
  • Scripting content for different employee roles and scenarios can be called up on the spot, making it an ongoing training tool
  • Monitors and analyses functions tell you immediately if your treatment time is running over, or if your recall system isn’t producing

Other features include scheduling templates perfect for any sized practice, and a guide for implementing an effective recall system. A companion 60-minute DVD accompanies the software, in addition to a $400 voucher for Charlene's Complete Marketing Tool Kit for the Orthodontic Team. Charlene White’s SOS helps maximize workflow, increase efficiency and take control of critical areas of your practice.

  • Practice Management Scorecard
  • Schedule Templates
  • Recall Effectiveness
  • Deband Analysis
  • Front Desk Scripting

The Charlene White’s SOS software module brings all the benefits of Charlene White’s knowledge and experience into your practice on a daily basis. Developed specifically for Dolphin by Charlene White and her team at Progressive Concepts Orthodontic Consulting & Management Solutions, key practice solutions such as managing recalls, analyzing statistics, scheduling, and even employee scripting are included in this user-friendly system.

Practice Management Scorecard

This screen displays key practice statistical information such as:
  • Exams and Start Numbers
  • Exam to Start Ratios
  • # of Active Patients
  • Number of Active Patients with No Real Appointment
  • Number of Observation Patients
  • Number of OBS Recalls with No Appointment or Recall Appointment in the Future
  • % of No Shows
  • % of Reschedules
  • Number of New Patients who did not show for their Appointment
  • Number of Full or Partial Debands
  • Number of Retainer Checks Seen
  • Production Per Day

Deband Analysis:
  • Easily display information in debanded patients for the selected time period
  • Displays Patient Name, Band & Bond Date, Deband date, # of Months in Tx, # of Regular Appts, # of No-Shows, # of Emergencies, Total Treatment Fee with records
  • Load for any date range, easily print or email

Recall Effectiveness:
  • Calculates your Recall Effectiveness for the selected time period
  • Load for any date range, easily print or email

Front Desk Scripting:
  • Scripted dialogue addressing common patient questions and concerns

Schedule Templates:
  • Includes pre-designed schedule templates that can be easily imported into Dolphin Management

The Charlene White’s SOS was developed specifically for Dolphin by Charlene White and her team at Progressive Concepts Orthodontic Consulting & Management Solutions. You can learn more about Charlene and her team by visiting

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